How am I doing on LSAT logical reasoning compared to others?

How am I doing on LSAT logical reasoning compared to others?

The takeaways

AdeptLR includes a feature which allows users to see what answer choices everyone has selected on each question. You can use it to:

  • Benchmark how you fare against others
  • Identify tricky LSAT questions

Your friends are your rivals

Most of (if not all) the pre-law and law students are competitive. Our co-founders, Peter and Tim, were friendly rivals at Berkeley Law. There was not a moment they were not “curious” about each other’s test scores. To satisfy that “curiosity,” AdeptLR incorporates a feature which allows users to benchmark their performance against other users. 

What do others answer?

When you choose the option to automatically show the correct answer after submitting your response, you will see the correct answer and a small yellow box under each answer option. The yellow boxes indicate the percentage of users who have chosen that particular answer choice. The percentage will give you a sense of how well you are doing compared to your peers on AdeptLR. If you have chosen the correct option which only a small percentage of your peers got right – congrats! You are performing better than the rest!

Identify tricky questions

In addition to benchmarking your performance against your peers, this feature is a useful tool for identifying tricky LSAT questions, in particular those with a well-designed distractor. What does that mean? Harder questions often contain several answer options which are highly plausible and difficult to differentiate. The wrong options will attract as many users as the right option (see example below). When you see questions which have answer options with similar percentages, pause and examine those answers even if you got it right! Analyze the distractor and decipher the distinct elements that make the wrong answer wrong and the right answer right. This will help ensure you fully understand the logic and avoid falling into LSAT's deviously designed distractor traps! 

An example of a question with a highly plausible distractor.

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