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AdeptLR is an excellent LSAT preparation tool for students looking to use drilling to refine areas of weakness in Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. As someone who used the Powerscore books to study LR and RC curriculum, I was looking for an online tool to provide me with drilling opportunities and analytics. Since I am not in need of LSAT curriculum, this was the most cost-effective solution for me compared to other online prep services. I reached out to the AdeptLR team with the questions I had and got personalized help that same day! As an AdeptLR user, I am building confidence heading towards my LSAT test date in about 5 months by practicing questions everyday, reviewing the answers I chose incorrectly, and focusing on my areas of weakness. I am currently PTing in the 170s and am using AdeptLR for extra practice between PTs so that I can be prepared to earn the highest score that I can on test day!



This is what you need to get better at the LSAT. The AdeptLR platform lets you get super granular into your weakest sections and question types. I also appreciate the ability to filter by difficulty level. Drilling the hardest Sufficient & Necessary Assumption questions is how I finally broke through a plateau and consistently went -0 in Qs 20-26. It was also helpful for LG and RC. The interface is very clean and retains all the features from the actually LSAC interface that you see on test day. The easy-to-access question explanations were also super helpful.

Sammy W


I've been using AdeptLR for my LSAT prep, and honestly, it's been a game-changer. The site is super user-friendly, and the materials they offer are spot on with what you need to know for the test. What really made a difference for me was how the platform adapts to your learning style, so it felt like I was getting a personalized study plan. It's been a stressful journey, but thanks to AdeptLR, I feel way more prepared and confident about nailing the LSAT. Totally recommend it to anyone looking to get serious about law school.

Nancy Hu


Excellent tool for improving LSAT performance. Automatically imports your data from LawHub, allowing you to draw insights from a significant sample of your results right from the jump, as well as providing an easy interface for drilling questions you haven't tackled yet. The analytics let you know exactly where you need to improve, and the platform allows you to narrow your focus to just those areas.

Nick F.


If you’re serious about the LSAT, use AdeptLR. I highly recommend AdeptLR for those seeking a simple, customizable, and affordable solution for LSAT drilling. Its adaptive AI algorithm keeps me engaged by constantly challenging me with questions that are just a touch beyond my comfort zone. By pushing me to tackle harder questions I might have otherwise avoided, AdeptLR has been instrumental to breaking out of my plateau. I forced myself to figure out why the answer I chose is wrong and why I made the mistake of choosing such an answer. In the end, all that effort rewards you with a deeper comprehension of the material!



Easily one of the best tools that helped me the most in achieving a 17mid on the LSAT this past year and was an integral part in getting into my top choice school. AdeptLR was the best tool I found to nail down why and what kinds of Logical Reasoning questions I was constantly missing. I had used other prep materials already and had the games down flawlessly but I was never able to improve my reading comp below -4 average. That meant I knew I had to nail the LR section, and it took less than two weeks to go from -4/-5 to -1/-0. I imported all of the practice LSATs I had taken on the hub and compiled the list of the kinds of questions I was missing. I was easily able to drill specific question types that i was particularly weak on quickly and efficiently until I figured out the ‘tricks’ to those types of questions. I hope this can help someone studying in a similar position!

Trevor S.


Drilling with AdeptLR is an excellent way to get better at question types and improve on the LSAT. It sends you questions suited to what you need to work on. And the app is great in letting you take notes, exclude questions from certain preptests, and star questions for review.

Graeme Blake

Owner of LSAT Hacks

Wow… LR was honestly my worst section. After discovering this platform, I was able to bring my missed points down by quite a bit. I even got a few perfect scores! I definitely recommend this system, especially if you are like me - reading books honestly didn’t help me master skills. Drilling was the thing I needed and this platform provides you a diagnosis of what your weak points are and helps you improve so much.

Mahi P.


I've enjoyed drilling with AdeptLR. It has helped me work on my weaker areas. The support team has also been very helpful whenever I encountered an issue or noticed an error.

Narisa C.


Best platform for drilling LR, highly recommended!

Trey E.


AdeptLR is the most impressive technical breakthrough in LSAT prep technology since.. forever. Two weeks of using AdeptLR got me from missing a consistent -4/-5 to a solid -1/-2, breaking me past a stubborn plateau into scoring consistently in the low 170s. In my opinion, the platform particularly shines for NA/SA/Parallel Flaw but whatever you're lacking in, AdeptLR can help make the difference in your test prep. Work smarter not harder, if you're struggling at all with LR, AdeptLR is a no-brainer.

Udit Gupta

AdeptLR's drilling feature has helped me increase my logical reasoning score. Their system has customized LR sets for me based off of my weak spots and it has helped tremendously! When I emailed them to adjust something on my account, they adjusted it the same day. If you are struggling with LR, you need to try AdeptLR!

Maya B.


Now that I have my LSAT score back (175+), I can confidently endorse AdeptLR - I've only seen it mentioned once or twice before on the sub and I cannot recommend it enough! I think when I first started my LR was all over the place (going from -4 to -10+ depending on the day) and when I took the test I was averaging about -2. I started using it about a month before my tests and I think the repeated drilling (especially for NA and SA questions) really gave me a significant score increase and helped me focus in on my problem areas.



AdeptLR is a powerful platform that enables users to adapt to the difficulty of the questions as they progress in LR. I used AdeptLR towards the end of my study cycle and it was perfect for drilling LR. I really enjoyed the ability to drill a few questions during breaks in my day. The analytics are also great. Beyond the platform itself, Tim and Peter are fantastic humans and their customer service is great. This service is affordable and 100% worth the investment!

Julie M.