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Here’s why you should choose AdeptLR
Adaptive drilling

Our proprietary algorithm uses AI-machine learning to provide questions that automatically adapt to your skill level, target your weaknesses, and adjusts the difficulty of each question based on your unique testing profile.

Official LR questions

Drill every official LR question ever released by LSAC. AdeptLR includes PrepTests 1 to 92+, A, B, C, C2, Feb 1997, June 2007, and May 2020 FLEX.

1-click import from LawHub

Easily review all your LawHub PrepTests for all three sections (LR, LG, and RC) and convert the raw scores on your PrepTests into scaled scores on AdeptLR. Also, we'll provide detailed analytics for your LawHub PrepTests.

Drill Settings
adaptive algorithm • targeted drilling
Drilling made simple

Our adaptive algorithm and drilling settings allow you to drill your weaknesses without wasting time on creating your own problem sets. You can also exclude any PrepTest from drilling in case you want to save some PrepTests for a full practice test.

The only LSAT platform created and developed by a Ph.D data scientist.
Analytics Dashboard
Identify and improve your weaknesses faster

AdeptLR automatically tracks your progress and provides the most advanced analytics that will help you identify and fix weaknesses faster. We also show the percentage of students that got a question right or wrong for most questions.

On average, students improve 52% faster on LR after using AdeptLR.
Analytics Dashboard
Timed Section
Timed sections • blind review
Perfect your timing

Taking timed sections improve your timing, while drilling and blind review help with accuracy. If you have time accommodations or simply want more time for a section, AdeptLR allows you to pick your own timing just like LawHub.

Digital Notepad • Highlight
Your ultimate LSAT learning companion

Use our digital notepad to take notes during your practice sessions, which you can review and edit afterwards. You can also highlight and underline the stimulus, question stem, and answer choices.

Digital Notepad
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What's included:
Adaptive drilling for LR only
All 99 official LSATs
AdeptLR includes PrepTests 1 to 92+, A, B, C, C2, Feb 1997, June 2007, and May 2020 FLEX
Drill & timed section analytics
Powerful drill & review features
LawHub import for all three sections
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