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What's included:
Adaptive drilling for LR only
All 99 official LSATs
AdeptLR includes PrepTests 1 to 92+, A, B, C, C2, Feb 1997, June 2007, and May 2020 FLEX
Drill & timed section analytics
Powerful drill & review features
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AdeptLR is the most impressive technical breakthrough in LSAT prep technology since.. forever. Two weeks of using AdeptLR got me from missing a consistent -4/-5 to a solid -1/-2, breaking me past a stubborn plateau into scoring consistently in the low 170s. In my opinion, the platform particularly shines for NA/SA/Parallel Flaw but whatever you're lacking in, AdeptLR can help make the difference in your test prep. Work smarter not harder, if you're struggling at all with LR, AdeptLR is a no-brainer.

Udit G.

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